GoTable is an app assisting diners to better manage their waiting time with popular restaurants. It allows diners to search, check-in and get real-time information while waiting. It's a new version of the group project.


Visual Designer. Interaction Designer. Illustrator & Animator. UX Researcher


Yuan Chen. Cecillia Zheng. Hannah Liu


1 mounth
Start 2016 November

Have you ever met this situation, that you waiting in an long line, hungry yet don't know how long to go?

GoTable is going to make your waiting experience easy and managable, from the begining to the end.

Our Process Overview


To better understand our challenge, we studied the best queuing practice from the most popular restaurants through field observation and then interviewed both customer and restuarant to identify the real challenge.

By comparing the pros and cons of different lining methods, we identified three key features that could improve user waiting experience:

" Can those queuing methods resolve customer's

. . .

• Interview

To find anwser for this question, we spend a week to investigat what's the real pain point for people waiting in-line. We interviewed both customers and organizers in restaurant to compare how are they seeing this problem from different perspectives.

"There's a big gap between customer and restaurant's recognition toward this issue."

"Seems, we are not solving a queuing problem, we are solving people's anxiety issue."

"A successful product also requires sensitiveness for commercial opportunities. How to balance user and business is another big challenge."

. . .


We consolidated all the research data by creating a giant Affinity Diagram, from where we identified several key insights.

  • Key user group:
  • Individual
  • Couple dating(2-4)
  • Large group
  • Main senario:
  • Landmarks
  • Street
  • Mall/Plaza
  • Core problem:
  • Lack of info
  • (time, group)
  • Dullness while waiting
  • Potential Solution:
  • Provide realtime info update: Time of waiting, Number of group, Reminder.
  • Relieve dullness with interactions: Menu, updates, recommendations.

• Persona

Solo Diner

Daniel travels a lot and eat alone. Waiting alone in the queue won't be a pleasant experience, expecially when he forgot his wallet, no one will keep his spot.

  • Frustrations
  • - Can't leave a line
  • - Hard to plan ahead
  • - Can't invite friends

Team Building Organizer

James is a junior software engineer in a team which consists of 10 people. He is the one who usually organizes team lunch or team dinner.

  • Frustrations
  • - Not sure how many seats
  • - Not sure how long to wait
  • - Difficult to order in advance

Dating Couple

Susan and her boyfriend like to spend Friday night together at a newly-opened popular restaurant. She love to have some sharing function, so that she could show off to her friends

  • Frustrations
  • - Want to share information with friends
  • - Have no clue about waiting time
  • - Can not leave the queue

• Storyboard

After seleting 5 top ideas, we speed dated with our target users with storyboards to narrow down and improve our design ideas.

Friends gathering - infomation sharing
Solo diner - time/distance estimation
Large group - conditional search


Each of us comed up with our own design sketch. After comparing 5 different vision of sketchs, we combined the best ideas into one solide design.

• Detail Highlights

Popularity map

Showing positive feedback inside of waiting time.

Waiting Status

Exaggerate core information and notifications


Save your favoriate dish and show off to friends

Rush hour & Recommendations

Rush hour diagram and nearby low traffic top 10


• Hi-fi Mockups

• Final Design

On Boarding

Cafting the first mile

Search + Map

Popularity map, find your perfect restaurant.

Check-in + Time

Track your real time waiting status.


Have a pick at menu and today's special.


More control, more customer.

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