Halfmeter is a pregnancy app use the most vivid video animation to give you the most scientific knowledge of pregnancy. Here, everything is to guide you through pregnancy day-by-day.


Visual Designer, Interaction Designer Information Architect, UX Researcher


Yuan Chen, Cecilia Zheng Hannah Liu, Yi Wei, VC


1 mounth
Start 2016 December

About Halfmeter

- Halfmeter Pregnancy provides educational pregnancy video platform with 800.000 click rates/day.
- They are committed to providing the best domestic pregnancy content and advisory services with the support of professional doctor team.
- And a variety of pregnancy services including pregnancy diet, prenatal music, fetal heart rate monitoring and mother community that accompanies you and your baby grow together.

Our Challenges

1. Understand user habits of a particular group - pregnant women.

2. Re-evaluate design scope, focus on user pain point and build a deeper connection.

3. Improve accessibility and conversion rate.

Our Process Overview


• Product evaluation

We start with understanding the current product and get to know it's main flow entrances by documenting halfmeter's flow data.

• UX evaluation

Then we continued run a usibility test and spotted several potiential improvments to be made in future design.

• Competitive Analysis

We conduct our competitive analysis in two direction: Vertical competitive with pregnancy applications and horizontal competitive with video/content applications. We found to be the best video/content provider is how Halfmeter can stand out from local competing market.

• User Interview

To uncover customer's real needs and frustration, we remotely interviewed 18 pregnant wemon from China. Interview questions are focusing on what's their pregnant knowledge acquisition habits and usibility preference.


" App is not the first choice for Self-education. But people like to receive quick and responsive knowledges in fragmented time."

" App is not the anwser for for Solving Serious Problems. But it's portable and instant."

" What do user want to know? Why?
There are four topics of user's highest interests."


• Affinity Diagram

With affinity diagram we were able to synthesize all the research data into one solid diagram, from where we came up several insights that will add real value for users.

  1. Provide more information that is relevant or respond to user's current scenario.
  2. For basic information, increase efficiency with a quick search function.
  3. Focus on features that are more valuable to customer and improve accessibility by refining the information structure.
  4. From customer's perspective, open a video will take more efforts than read an article. We can save that energy by providing more information to help them make that decision.
  5. Improve video experience by adding keywords and search function.
  6. Improve brand identity and content quality to build a long relationship with customer.

• Storyboard

Lucy is a young mother. She is upset about all the pregnancy issues she had, especially worried about baby's health. Sometimes she need anwsers right away, but book, web or hospital are all not efficient enough. How can Halfmeter better assisst Lucy's life?


• Low-Fi WireFrame

Style Guide

• Final Design

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